Business Development
Business Development needs strong track record of business-to-business sales at corporate level; an excellent communication skill that engenders the right results, and ability to cold-call potential clients with confidence is key for successful Business Development.

At Royal Trust Professionals, we provide industry-proved strategies to client organizations that ensure growth in gross earnings and profits. We understand the need to grow our client’s market share through attracting new customers, and retaining existing customers. Our trained, highly skilled and well-groomed Business Development Team with diverse industry knowledge and international best practices, with preparedness to pitch new businesses, make boardroom presentation, engage clients with tactical and strategic planning through effective proposal, has been our major strength as a Consultancy.

The challenges of generating new lead, scheduling appointments, preparing and delivering presentation to clients, having researched their businesses and requirements with the aim of engendering more sales will be handled professionally by our team.

The strategic analysis skills required to initiate and close business deals with clients, and maintaining customer relationships, ensuring brand loyalty through our excellent customer service, as well as meeting and surpassing clients expectation, are skills we readily deploy as a Consultancy.

As companies grow and expand, they require our service to rollout products and services in unfamiliar location, and this service, we readily provide in a professional manner.

Professional Training

Royal Trust Professionals is a global consulting company with proven track records in HR training and professional development of human capital.

All our Training Programmes have been uniquely designed, carefully tailored, based on the need to address the knowledge and skill gaps within client organizations, as well as industry needs our in-house periodic research has revealed. In addition, our training programmes identify methods for proofing the propositions of Organizations; improving performance and profitability, and visibly transforming human capital.

Our competitive advantage in Training Design and Delivery ensues from a world class Teaching Faculty – our facilitators exemplify some of the best speakers from a select group of iconic Captains of Industry, renowned academicians and practitioners alike – with in-depth practical experience and theoretical mastery.

At Royal Trust Professionals, our team of consultants will work with you to identify training and development needs within your organisation through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with business managers and human resource department.

Management Consulting

RTPSL Consulting team is made up of strategic management consultants with international business best practices. We engage our clients in professional advisory services of global standards, key strategic issues concerning restructuring, and progression, as well as how to improve profitability, competitive advantage, share value and efficiency.


Determining and clarifying strategic and operational problems via consultation.
Identifying problems and seeking solutions.
Reviewing current strategy.
Undertaking research into the industry sector, markets and competition.
Collecting, analyzing and interpreting data and statistics.
Compiling and presenting information verbally, visually and in writing.
Identifying and assessing the pros and cons of possible strategies.
Outlining objectives.
Developing, advising about, and implementing agreed solutions.

Business Automation

Your customers expect excellence every time they interact with your organisation. Royal Trust Professionals will provide you with a more intelligent foundation for improving customer-facing processes.

Merging people and work together with greater precision, research into your daily routine will enable us come up with the proven communications technologies and practices that automate the smooth running of your operations.

Streamlining the most complex enterprise business processes to improve operational performance with complete visibility and control for every step of a business process is also our major strength.


Streamline communication in your business process.
Enforce accountability.
Minimize cost due to manual errors and inefficiency.
Develop an insight into the evolution and repercussions of your business process.
Establish a clear approval hierarchy.

HR Management Sourcing

RTPSL recruitment services are tailored to assist organizations with their long-term business goals. We offer a forward thinking and innovative approach to your recruitment as we are specializes in matching the right job to the right candidate while giving you advise on latest HR concerns.

We would save you time and costs involved in sourcing for the best candidates within a reason time. We believe that – “Even, when you have the right strategies but working with the wrong set of human capital, definitively, you will still fail.”

Our Offering–


RTPSL Recruiting services includes but not limited to

Executive Selection.
Head Hunting.
Mass Entry-Level Recruitment.

We Outsource for various job functions such as:

Administrative Officers (Experienced Operation).
Customer service (Relationship officers).
Middle management – (Experienced Line Managers).
Finance Officers.
Project managers.

Our Web-Job-Portal will reveal to us, by capturing the good quality data require in identifying talented candidates. We have a team of experienced HR professionals who interacts with the portal on daily basis.

When you consider outsourcing, the benefits includes:

Cost Saving: The cost of outsourcing is significantly lower than the cost of hiring an employee for the same job function. Management overhead expenses will be extremely reduced, and taken away the burden of staff benefits and allowances.

Improved Services: Your organization's services are improved as we offer well-trained and motivated staff; we place a premium on continuity of service.

Focus on core business: You can focus on other business issues whilst employee placement is handled by outside experts. This implies that a large amount of resources and attention, that might distract your management professionals; can be used for more pressing issues within the organisation.

Why Royal Trust Professionals?
Help you build a leading brand to pull away from the peers
Provide you with all the services & design new products for your clients needs to increase your revenue generation within a short period.
Re-engineer your business practices to align with industry best practices, and offer you up-to-date business technology solutions to drive your vision.
Provide consulting options that fit your goals & existing vision of the company.
Integrate diverse legacy business strategies, which smoothen the flow of cross-functional events across departmental boundaries.
We owe our success to

Anticipating client needs.
Design a system to proffer solution to these needs.
Identify industries, corporations, & individuals that need a well structure strategy to meet their business process challenges.
Our Drive
Focus on our vision
Working together as a team to cohesion toward that vision.
Keeping procedures & practices simple
Believing in achievement
Aspiring to be great & inspirational in our approach